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Welcome to Slatter Sports Maintain

Why is maintaining your artificial sports pitch important?

Because if you don’t there is every chance it will fail to provide the long-term performance, accessibility and value for money in which you invested considerable finance in the first place.

This may come as somewhat of a surprise – did you think that artificial turf means ‘maintenance free’? Or was it that you believed it was something you didn’t really have to do and could probably ‘get away with’?

The reality is that sports surfaces – natural grass, tarmacadam, polymeric, artificial turf 3G, 4G, 5G, water-based, sand-dressed, sand-filled – all require maintenance. It’s just the type, intensity and frequency of aftercare that tend to vary between the various surfaces.

Failure to maintain an artificial turf pitch in the correct way and to a recommended frequency is also very likely to invalidate or at very least limit the artificial turf supplier’s product warranty. That can have very onerous consequences.

Slatter Sports Maintain is the in-house maintenance division of Slatter Cricket & Play, specialising in the upkeep of artificial sports facilities.

Our National network of mobile maintenance technicians are highly experienced and skilled in facility aftercare and equipped with an extensive range of the latest maintenance technology.

We also have Project Managers specifically tasked to advise clients on their potential maintenance or aftercare requirements through a free of charge site audit and report.

Our maintenance services are provided either on a single visit or through our Elite range of annual/multi-year contract programmes. These can be focussed on either ‘preventative’ maintenance to ensure the retention of existing standards or ‘remedials’ work to correct sub-standard performance or inherent faults in the surfacing.

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