Managing Infill Levels

Having the correct levels of infill material is vital to the optimum performance of a filled artificial turf playing surface, and of course health & safety considerations.

Accordingly, the levels need to be regularly and consistently monitored with corrective action taken as and when required.

In addition to the potential of there being insufficient levels of infill in certain areas of the pitch (which can be addressed by brushing and grooming, and when necessary, the addition of extra quantities of infill) there may, over a period of time, be incidences when there is too much infill present in the system.

This can occur as the artificial turf pile naturally wears down (there is a general acceptance of the indicative rate of 1mm per year) leaving an excess of infill on the surface of the artificial grass. Often migration of the infill can ‘balance’ out this excess. However occasionally it may be necessary to remove any excess and return the levels to their correct depth.

Given the importance of managing infill levels and doing the right things at the right times, this area of maintenance particularly requires specialist expertise and input on a regular basis.

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