Power Brushing

Power brushing using a specialist cleaning machine goes beyond the work which can be achieved by drag brushing alone.

With this application the initial top depth (approximately 5mm) of the infill material is lifted into the machine where it is cleaned, filtered and graded. Contaminant material previously held within the infill is retained with a collector tank (for subsequent disposal) and the cleaned infill distributed back into the artificial turf.

This process helps to take the artificial turf towards an optimum general playing condition and assists in maximising life expectancy of the surface.

Drag Brushing

The principal purpose of brushing the playing surface with a specialist drag mat is to remove larger items of debris and regulate the levels of infill materials, for example the loose rubber crumb in a 3G artificial turf pitch.

The natural mechanics of play and the influence of the weather through rain and wind will, in the high usage areas of a pitch, cause some of the artificial turf to migrate or move across the surface.

This irregularity can not only impact on ball roll, speed and bounce but it has the result of leaving more of the artificial pile fibre exposed and unsupported than intended by the design of the system.

The consequence may well be accelerated wear, reduction in the practical life span of the pitch and a higher than usual requirement for surface repairs. From the players point of view, they may well notice a reduction in underfoot grip in addition to the changes in ball behaviour.

Regular drag brushing will help to keep the artificial turf in better general condition and avoid these types of maintenance-related issues.

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