Infill Replacement

If contaminants are allowed to collect and compact over an extended period within the upper reaches of the pile of an infilled surface, you are likely to reach a point where performance is seriously compromised.

This is likely to manifest itself with a noticeable hardening of the surfacing system underfoot and a reduced rate and efficiency of drainage. Often deposits of fine contaminant material can be seen laying on the surface and even moss and algae infestation can affect the playing areas.

In such circumstances, it is advisable to remove the majority of the infill and replace with new granular material. This is achieved by a mechanical process which reaches deep into the pile structure and uplifts both the infill and contaminants, depositing the same into an adjacent trailer for disposal.

This action also raises and refreshes the pile fibre itself, readying it to receive the new infill.

By taking this action, one can reclaim the pitch’s characteristics and extend its practical life delaying the eventual replacement of the artificial turf surface.

Our maintenance advisors are available to visit your facility and conduct a free of charge audit. This will establish whether an infill replacement is the appropriate action and confirm a costed works proposal for your consideration.

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