Required Signage Installation

There are certain guidelines and information which you need to make available to users of your facility. These include advice on footwear and what you can and can’t do on the artificial turf pitch.

The objective is to make the facility a safe environment in which to enjoy sport and protect the playing surface from damage or contamination which might impair performance, shorten its lifespan and or necessitate repairs or remedial work.

Please do:

  • Wear clean shoes
  • Keep surface free from debris
  • Report any damage immediately to the booking office
  • Keep drinks in plastic containers only
  • Close all gates during play
  • Ensure goals and posts are secure before playing
  • Enjoy!

Please do not:

  • Smoke on the pitch
  • Eat on the pitch
  • Drop litter
  • Chew gum on the pitch
  • Use shoes with metal studs or “Blades”
  • Allow dogs on the pitch
  • Allow spectators on the pitch
  • Drag goals or heavy items across the surface
  • Allow bikes on the pitch

Having provided the signage, it is important it is kept clean and in good condition at all times.

For more information call 01488 501052 or email