Verti-Groom with 5mm tines and magnet

The Verti-Groom uses a combination of tines and brushes to de-compact the infill material while lifting the artificial turf fibres.

Verti-Groom with 5mm tines and magnet

The brush unit floats beneath the rear arms and can be tilted to adjust the pressure exerted.

The unit has a working width of 200cm and can be configured in a number of ways, with multiple rows of tines and 3mm or 5mm tine options.

The Verti-Groom can be mounted on the rear of a three-point linkage tractor as standard or towed through a clevis pin or tow ball with the optional tow bar.

Tractor required 14hp


  • 3mm/5mm tines
  • Tow Bar
  • Brush Unit
  • Extra rows of brushes

Working width
Working width 200cm
Weight 150kg

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