The introduction of long pile 3G artificial turf surfaces with a significant depth of loose granular infill, has necessitated close attention being given to the compaction of the infill material through regular and sustained play loading. Without attention, play performance will fail to achieve the required performance levels, the user experience will be compromised, and the surface wear will accelerate.

To alleviate the effects of ‘natural’ compaction, a decompaction or grooming attachment ‘combs’ through the artificial grass and its granular infill to a nominal depth of 15mm. This action loosens the granular material and returns the top section of infill to its original decompacted state.

A regular programme of grooming in this way should ideally be introduced early in the life span of the artificial turf in order to resist the occurrence of compaction and contribute to a holistic maintenance schedule which will maximise the benefits to be accrued from such an artificial turf sports pitch.

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