The Speed-Brush is a towable twin rotary brush unit. The brushes rotate against the direction of travel lifting the artificial turf fibres and decompacting the infill material; levelling and preening the surface to leave an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Speed Brush

One can adjust the pressure each brush applies to the surface, and the angle of the brush, to aid lateral movement of infill material.

Available with either a stiff brush for maintenance or a soft brush for the installation process this versatile tool has is proven and effective.

  • Soft/Stiff Bristle Brush Options
  • Tractor required 10hp w/12v Electrics

Working width
Working width 140cm
Weight 181 kg

Verti-Groom with 5mm tines and magnet

The Verti-Groom uses a combination of tines and brushes to de-compact the infill material while lifting the artificial turf fibres.

Verti-Groom with 5mm tines and magnet

The brush unit floats beneath the rear arms and can be tilted to adjust the pressure exerted.

The unit has a working width of 200cm and can be configured in a number of ways, with multiple rows of tines and 3mm or 5mm tine options.

The Verti-Groom can be mounted on the rear of a three-point linkage tractor as standard or towed through a clevis pin or tow ball with the optional tow bar.

Tractor required 14hp


  • 3mm/5mm tines
  • Tow Bar
  • Brush Unit
  • Extra rows of brushes

Working width
Working width 200cm
Weight 150kg

For more information call 01488 501052 or email info@slattercp.com

Verti-Broom 100

For brushing and preening of artificial turf the Verti-Broom is the ideal tool.

Verti-Broom 100

The triangular shape allows the bristles to ‘bite’ into the surface, lifting the pile fibres and re-distributing the infill material.

The Verti-Broom can be towed from any of its three corners allowing wear to be spread evenly over the brush configuration.

Tractor required 10hp

Working width
Working width 100cm (Pedestrian version)
Weight 38kg (100cm)
Working width 185cm (Tractor required 10hp)
Weight 60kg (185cm)

For more information call 01488 501052 or email info@slattercp.com

Base-Rake with Tines and Brush

The Base Rake is ideal for decompacting areas of heavy use.

Base Rake

The unit is available with the twin brushes, tines alone or brushes and tines. The depth of the tines can be easily adjusted while the optional tow bar system allows the Base Rake to be towed by a multitude of prime movers.

Optional Tow Bar

Working width
Tractor required
Working width 145cm
Weight 76kg
Tractor required 16hp w/450 kg